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May 17 2018

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Really good coffee / really good day.

(at Café Integral Chicago)

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not to be controversial but the reason they wont pass a law saying that people with a history of domestic violence arent legally allowed to purchase a gun is bc half of the police force would no longer be legally allowed to hold their jobs. 

this ain’t tea this is hennessy

based on reporting, 10% of families in the general population endure domestic violence.

in contrast, 40% of police officer families endure domestic violence. again, this is based on reporting, so the number is likely HIGHER.

escaping abusive partners in law enforcement is made particularly difficult for these victims, because police officers

  • are armed
  • know the otherwise confidential locations of domestic abuse shelters
  • are able to game the system in order to avoid punishment
  • are often friends with the very officers who would be called to assist in a domestic situation
  • and can sometimes redirect blame onto the victims—one of my coworkers knows someone whose spouse was a cop who got her arrested for kidnapping when she fled with her children.
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Hey. You. 👋🏻 Stop for a sec

I love you. You mean something to me. You are incredible. I don’t care if you follow me. I don’t care if you feel like a disappointment or what your struggles are right now. I won’t tell you everything is okay. It might not be. But you YOU are valuable. Your pet needs you. Or your siblings. Your best friends. The barastia that loves seeing you, that recognizes the laughter of their favourite regular. And you’ve made it this far, you’ve won. Every day you win. So keep winning. Keep fighting. Keep being one of the people who leaves nice comments on people’s instagrams, and defend your celebrity. They might not see it every time. But each positive comment you leave will hide the dumb negative ones. Keep them from seeing those ones. Keep being a light. Because for someone, you’re the perso THEYRE LIVING FOR. and if you feel like there’s no one, I promise you, I’ve never talked to a person who’s kind that I don’t like. I love you. You are a kind good heart. And you are FUCKING BEAUTIUL.

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What’s your fantasy?

I wake up, my debt is all paid off, my bank account is full, my relationships with my family are healthy, and I’m able to travel anywhere in the world.

reblog for this ultimate fantasy life to come true

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